Think Pink

For the past few months, I've felt so uninspired and boring. I've always been quite impulsive, and since I am not afraid of change, I decided to dye my previously blonde hair pink. For those of you wondering, I used Revlon Nutri Colour Creme in the shade 005! 
I definitely think that pink suits me, and since I basically only wear black clothes, it always brightens up an outift! 


// Jacket - Burberry, Sweater - Acne Studios, Shoes - Dr. Martens, Bag - & Other Stories//
I've been trying to wear less black recently, just because I feel as if there are so many outfits and colours to explore. It is always good stepping outside your comfort zone, and wearing beige and grey is definitely a huge step for me. I'm absolutely obsessed with this jacket I bought at a vintage market in London this summer. It is a bomber style jacket from the 70s, and now that Hong Kong has gotten cooler I can finally start wearing it!

what do you mean?

I've never really considered myself a big fan of Justin Bieber, but after hearing his new song I am head over heals for him. I admire his growth during the past few years, and I think he has a lot of talent (not to forget the fact that he is ridiculously good looking as well). If you haven't listened to the song yet, do yourself a favour and do so. The video isn't bad either, Bieber looks as good as always so there isn't really anything to complain about.

Lead by Example

This weekend, I realised that I've spent over 60 hours in school this week. It sounds crazy, but I've been working alongside a handful of people to plan and organise a leadership retreat for all club leaders in my school. This Saturday, it all took place, and it went exceptionally well. I held a session on motivational techniques, and throughout the day we defined leadership and such. It was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences that I've had, and hopefully we can continue making the school a better place!

Black and Hearts

//Shoes - Converse x Commes Des Garçons, Shorts - Monki, Shirt - Alexander Wang x H&M, Black Bag - Alexander Wang, Computer Case - Maison Goyard//

Today I spotted an all black outfit, which has really become a signature look of mine. I often get tonnes and tonnes of comments from my friends about only wearing black, but I just can't help it! Black looks good with everything, and adds an elegance unlike no other to any outfit. Today was such a hectic day, so unfortunately I couldn't get any good snaps of my outfit of the day, but these will have to do for now! 

All Over

The weather has been so weird all day. After I finished school, I had a meeting that lasted for quite a while. When the meeting finished, I went straight to central to pick up something from Diptyque. I got a bunch of free samples of their new collections, and I'm excited to try them out as soon as I can! Hope you all had an amazing day, Friday is almost here! 

Fall Trends

//From left to right: Topshop, Isabel Marant, Mango, Valentino, Prada, H&M, Acne Studios, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant//

A pair of boots is a must-have in your closet. This summer, I purchased the most beautiful pair of Acne Pistol boots, and I will show those on the blog later. 
As summer is coming to an end and autumn is only getting closer, I've already started thinking about the latest fall trends. A pair of black boots go with everything, yet boots with an edgy colour or pattern can make an all black outfit super intriguing. In the collage above, I featured some of my favourite boots for fall (all in different price ranges), unfortunately only some of them fit my budget, but a girl can dream am I right? My personal favourites are the snakeskin Isabel Marant boots, I think they are absolutely gorgeous and I could match them with almost anything. 


The feeling you get when you go to a concert is unlike no other. When one of your favourite bands is playing, the feeling is unexplicable. 
This past week, Kodaline came to Hong Kong, and of course I went to see them. I've listened to their music since freshman year, and I think they are truly amazing. All their songs have amazing lyrics, and after the concert I experienced eurphoria. It was a great concert, even though the venue was crazy small, and I'm so happy that I was able to go and see them live. 


//Shirt - Adidas Originals, Shorts - Monki, Shoes - Nike, Sunglasses - Ray Ban, Bag - YSL//

I'm currently absolutely obsessed with this shirt I bought at Adidas Originals in Tokyo earlier this year. I found it in the men's section, and I fell in love with it.
I just got home from an overwhelming day. Unfortunately, Netflix does not seem to be working at the moment, so I have no excuse not to do my homework. I'm going to take a nice hot bath, and hopefully go to bed early (which probably won't happen, since I go to bed at 1 on a regular basis). 


I survived the second day of school, believe it or not. Senior year is now ahead of me, and it is hard not to be scared or anxious. I'm seventeen years old, and I'm supposed to have my life figured out. I don't know what I want to study, I don't know what I want to do, and I don't know where I'm going. All I know is that whatever I decide on, I will work incredibly hard and kick some ass while I'm at it. I'm seventeen years old, and I've got my whole life ahead of me, and I know that there are many amazing things to come. 


I'm back. Or well, at least for now. Summer is starting to come to an end, and I am just so incredibly unmotivated to start school again. I'm currently sick in bed, binge watching TV shows and movies while I'm also listening to a Podcast. 
I'm ready to start blogging again. I've gained inspiration and motivation, and I know who I want to be and what I want to talk about, and it will be awesome. 
A little throwback to summer // (more posts about that to come)

Men's Fashion

From theStyleograph

I stumbled upon this really nice picture when I was going through my daily dose of fashion blogs. I fell fore the mixture of colour and fabrics, and also the edgy frame and the rough beard. I am not a frequent user of colour, but on others it looks so much better than it would ever look on me. So for now I will stick to my black, monochromatic closet. 


Images from 
Recently I've been really busy and I haven't had any inspiration which is why I haven't blogged in a while, but now I am back! I love these outfits, and oversize coats look good with everything! Unfortunately I live in a place where coats aren't really needed, especially now that "winter" is almost over. Oh well, next winter I guess. 
Anyway, I love these outfits so much, and even though I am not a frequent user of colours other than black and grey, I think that I could throw an outfit like this together.

Balcony Reading

Reading has never been something that I truly enjoy, but today I actually went outside and sat on my balcony and read for a few minutes (until it got way too cold). I'm currently reading "Tender is the Night" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and it is probably the hardest book that I've ever read, since 20% of it is basically conversations in French. 

Sunday Funday

Today was a pretty hectic day that began with a 4 hour long practise for our upcoming lipsync competition, and we managed to get most things done. After that, I went to Stanley with a couple of friends to have lunch at McDonalds, and then back to school to coach soccer again. It was a pretty fun day, but now that the homework load is only getting heavier, I don't have as much time to blog which really sucks, but I will keep trying to post once a day! 

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